Banned items !

Here is a list of all the new banned items for the server. Achieving the rank of Privateer will grand you access to ComputerCraft bans.

* The Ender Quarry can be used in the mining world *

BC Quarry
Ender Quarry
Fancy Oak Workbench
IC2 – Mining laser
IC2 – Nuke
Mystcraft – Linking book
RFTools – Dimentional Builder
Computercraft – Turtles
Computercraft – Computers

New WebPage for the BlackBones Server

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new website for Blackbones FTB Infinity. We are having a great time putting all this together and setting up the plugings. This is a free server for everyone to enjoy and I won’t ask for any money for “special ranks or what not”.

At this moment, there is 2 other admins that are helping me settings up everything and they also helps with the builds. We hope to get everything up and running as soon as possible. Please post any problems or suggestions on this page.

Happy holidays !